In the Garden

Words cannot express my love for tomatoes.  In the northwest we do seem to love this fruit that is ordinarily difficult to grow in our wet and cool climate.  Thanks to water pods, not this year!

The tomatoes started to come in at a date earlier than ever.  I picked my first tomato mid-June.  An unheard of date in Seattle for a fruit to ripen.  On top of it, it was big, red, sweet and juicy, exactly as a tomato should be.  I am sure it will be tough to ever hit this date again but I am already planning and hopeful for next year.  This year I planted 27 tomato plants, 9 varieties.  I lost 6 of the Silvery Fir to some sort of blight… which I am not sure.  Since I have never lost a plant I am chocking it up to volume.  I’ve also never planted this many plants.  I selected varieties gave us plenty for eating (cherries, grapes, my love, Flamme) and the rest for canning.

I for one am loving this hot, dry and long summer season.  I had no idea how easy it is to grow food when it is sunny and hot every day.  Just this week as the evenings cool is my powdery mildew showing up.  Darn it.


Today represents my largest tomato haul to date.  It’s is early August and I picked the below:


This year I planted a few tomato varieties I just love:  Cherokee Purple is the clear winner however, I’ve grown it before and we’ve not had the extended heat clearly needed to grow the 1lb 5 oz whopper below:


I am picking about 30 pounds of tomatoes per week right now.  30!!  I know I don’t have too many of these sunny high volume weeks left so I am canning a few times per week.  I think canning is my new second love… behind growing tomatoes.  My first.