2017 Canning Mastery Challenge

OK I am way behind in posting my canning. I’ll update each month in which I participated in the winter. For now:

October 2017: Dehydrating.

I love my new dehydrator! I have no joke, dried about 100lbs of tomatoes this summer. With our amazing weather my plants just kept producing! As a result I have bags and bags of tomato candy and yet all will be gone by next spring. On to drying persimmons!


dried toms

January 2017:  Marmalade.

I am participating in the Food in Jars Canning Mastery Challenge.  First up, January = Marmalade.  I’ve not made much marmalade but fell in love with it last year while in Cortona.  The B&B where we stayed served the most wonderful orange and lemon/pear marmalade.  We asked the host for the recipe and I’ve made the refrigerator marmalade a few times to great success and delight.  I have however wanted to make a canned variety but was always intimidated by the number of steps involved and frankly, the amount of sugar.  Knowing the pith of the citrus rind is good for you, I decided to dive in and acknowledge the sugar needed.

First up I used some Meyer lemons I bought while in Santa Barbara and some Seville’s I got at PCC to try and easy canned marmalade that uses the whole orange.  So good!!  So I made more, using up the tangelo’s I had from my dad’s tree in Palm Desert.  I had planned on making Arancello but never got around to it.  I am so glad as the marmalade is so flavorful, vibrant and the right tart/sweet.  I am hoping there are more on his tree in March when I visit as 5 jars I made will go quickly!